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Refine Your Feel 1: The 4 Keys to Harmonic Flow

Chase WebHave you ever felt there is “more” in your horse and in the potential connection between you? Does the connection you imagined seem elusive at times or too fleeting? 

Do you ever get the sense your horse guards his heart – just a little – or holds a little something back from the connected ride you’d love to enjoy? 

Have you ever wondered why?
Or how you could reach that exquisite place in your horse
… whenever you like?

My bold promise is to guide you through a mind-shift that may rock your boat (a little) while handing you the keys to a connection with your horse beyond the one you imagined.

A bit bold? So, why such a promise? Well, after 30 unforgettable years in horses I would not trade for anything, a tall, fire-red sport-horse called Chase came along. His message was clear:

“That’s not it, Karen… Go Deeper”

I did just that, as he showed me the way out of the rabbit hole we had slowly gone down, the Abyss, to Bliss. Chase (and the input from the next couple of hundred horses that crossed my path and agreed with him) revealed “the other 80%” – an exquisite place in the horse I had not found in all those years. 

How did I miss it? Because there are “Stealth Saboteurs” in the midst! These are patterns we don’t mean to teach that lock out the direct connection our horses are waiting for us to find.

It was like finding the door to Narnia – a magical world I had just not known about. 

In the end, it was so simple: just a small but deeply significant shift in understanding about Feel. It changed everything, forever. The joy of connecting with the true feel of my horse in all that we do is my big “Why” for being in horses. 

What follows is for those who share this burning desire for true connection in your partnership and in whatever it is you do together. Within the content of this course, I walk you step by step through what took me ten years to find, understand, explore and refine - so you can take the Fast-track

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From Chase to you…

Sneak Peek (more below)

Refine Your Feel 1: 
The 4 Keys to Harmonic Flow

OPENING SESSION 1: “That’s not it Karen… Go Deeper”
(from the horse’s mouth)

SESSION 2: WHY is the “magic” fleeting or elusive?
(how a shift in principle reliably reaches the “more” in your horse)

SESSION 3:  The Best Secret About Your Horse 
(and the source of open connection)

SESSION 4 : The True Leader in You 
(leading from Your light)

SESSION 5: The Real Magic 
(a lasting, meaningful connection you can rely on)

SESSION 6 : Your Game Plan 
(and Step-by-Step Guide)

OPENING SESSION 1: “That’s not it Karen… Go Deeper”
(from the horse’s mouth)

ChaseBliss WebGoing Deeper 1: A Shift in Horsemanship

My bold promise: to guide you through a mind-shift that may rock your boat (a little) while handing you the keys to a connection with your horse beyond the one you’ve imagined.

Sound bold? Why such a promise? Find out!

From Chase:  The mind-shift that changed everything, forever.

The blend of influences that revealed a different whole.

The 4 Keys to Harmonic Flow: an introduction.

+ Resources/Downloads: Tips & Tools

+ Q & A

SESSION 2: WHY is the “magic” fleeting or elusive?
(how a shift in principle reliably reaches the “more” in your horse)

youarehereGoing Deeper 2: The FIVE Principles of Release

Understanding four “undercurrents” that limit our potential connection and how these may be affecting our horses.

Which of three related archetypes is your horse?

Shifting from limitations to possibilities within your communication and therefore your connection.

The “Release Shift”: The FIVE principles of Release.

Why does it matter? Getting to the Heart of Intention. 

+ Resources/Downloads: Tips & Tools
+ Q & A

SESSION 3:  The Best Secret About Your Horse
(and the source of open connection)

FoYH WebGoing Deeper 2: Instinct & The Master Key

“Flight, Fight or Freeze”: what the common notion of “right brain” leaves out and why it matters.

Getting to real: so what is the Recovery Plan anyway, when things go south?

Getting to simple: one real problem = one real solution!

The Master Key to unlocking the connection with your horse (and every horse that crosses your path)

+ Resources/Downloads: Tips & Tools

+ Q & A

SESSION 4 : The True Leader in You
(leading from Your light)

YourLight Web HomePageGoing Deeper 4: You!

Do you have an “in-Head Advisor”?

How this blocks You from your horse & your horse from You.

“What if I’m not a natural Alpha/boss?”

Your personal Heart Key.

Shifting from “Alpha” to “A.C.E” leadership and from obedience to connection in different dimension.

Showing up as You, in full (step into your Genius Zone)

+ Resources/Downloads: Tips & Tools
+ Q & A

SESSION 5: The Real Magic
(a lasting, meaningful connection you can rely on)

YFoR WebGoing Deeper 5: Infinite Possibility

The trouble with stress and why it really matters.

Considering the equipment we use, what our horses know and what they really need to know: beyond de-sensitization.

Walking the path to true meaning: an evolution in understanding about the horse’s true capacity to learn.

Putting it all together: the sum of the parts reveals a different whole that changes just about everything, forever.

When your creativity meets your horse’s creativity, in connection with the same plan, you discover your partnership genius zone: very simply the best it can be.

+ Resources/Downloads: Tips & Tools
+ Q & A

SESSION 6 : Your Game Plan
(and Step-by-Step Guide to Start Now)

PortalOlive WebGoing Deeper 6: What Next?

Previous sessions review: philosophy and practice

Don’t Panic! Your roadmap and GPS.

Refine your Feel Today with 3 Illustrated Lessons: your e-book walkthrough.

Live coaching with Karen.

The Reins to Freedom Pathway.

+ Resources/Downloads: Tips & Tools
+ Q & A


You are invited to join us!

for a connection with your horse
not yet imagined

The 4 Keys to Harmonic Flow

I'd like to call out a big thank you to Susan Lafferty, Zaneta Georgiades, Kate Sandel, Karen Tinsley, Nita Osborne and Beth Rolland for their valued contributions to "getting this show on the road"!


If you’ve ever felt there is “more” in your horse and in the potential connection between you, come join us to find out why reaching that exquisite place you know is there can seem fleeting or elusive - and what to do about it through a tangible approach to refining your feel.

This series of 6 sessions of video teaching modules is dedicated to serving you:

1.    Find out the “stealth” reasons why the spirit of the connection we seek can remain elusive or fleeting.
2.    Discover Karen’s 4 Keys to Harmonic Flow in a rarely taught perspective that lays out the necessary shift to launch your connection to new heights and beyond – for your horse and any that cross your path.
3.    Go out to the field with your horse and get started right away with simple practical tips to try, as well as your course bonus – an e-book of 3 illustrated lessons to explore in your own time!

We know you’re busy!

We have you covered:
•    All video modules for all six sessions are available to you to watch, rewind & replay in your own time
•    Handouts to print & peruse, including an introductory e-book and an e-book of riding tutorials
•    Karen's live Q&A sessions - send in your questions when you think of them, and join us live
•    Private Facebook group - another place to post questions or discoveries for discussion with fellow students
We offer many ways for you to get the most out of the course, in the best way that fits your schedule!

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Mark Rashid


"I see an 'opening' as anything that allows us to help guide, however briefly, an individual in the direction we ultimately would like to go. An 'opening' can be, and often is, a very subtle form of communication between horse and rider that can easily slip past us if we're not paying attention. 'Openings' can and do work both ways. [...] It amazes me just how small an 'opening' can actually be, whether working with horses or with people, and how easy it can be to create an 'opening' when one is needed."

Mark Rashid

"I truly believe developing the ability to see and use 'openings' effectively is only one piece of what one might refer to as the 'harmony in horsemanship' puzzle. When this idea of understanding 'openings' is brought together with the understanding of two other simlar ideas - making a connection with another indvidual, and the role distance plays in overall communication - I believe it is then that harmony in horsemanship becomes a much less daunting concept for us."

Mark Rashid

Leslie Desmond


"Bill knew about a place I did not know existed, or could exist, between a horse and a human being [...] Bill included each one of my horses in that information exchange. Over the course of many months,... he took each one by its lead rope and, later, by the bridle reins. Using what he called his 'better feel', Bill showed me and each of them exactly what he meant by what he did [...] It was not long after I made the switch from force when needed (often) to always customizing the feel I offered to a horse, that two tough horses I had misunderstood for years developed into my most reliable mounts."

Leslie Desmond

The lightest hands carry intent that is recognized instantly by the horse, as seen in the maneuvers he chooses to make with his feet. Whether that horse is ridden or handled, the lightest hands can purposefully influence the speed, direction and sequence of each foot with accuracy, in a manner that is reflected in the horse's body and on his face.

Leslie Desmond

Bill Dorrance


"The Real Masters Understood Feel [...] For example, De Kerbrech, (French officer in the cavalry of Napoleon III) really understood horses. He had it fixed up so the horse could succeed. [...] The first time I read Beudant's book was in the 1950s. The way he explained things, there was no doubt in my mind about what a person needed to do to get these little things working for them and their horse."

Bill Dorrance

“Feel, timing and balance: sometimes it’s best to talk about feel, timing and balance separately, and to learn how to apply each thing separately on the start. But when you apply these three things a little later in your training, then you see that each one of these things supports the other. They are interconnected and all three are real important. You really can’t get along without all three.”

Bill Dorrance

Faverot de Kerbrech


“ le deplacement du poids est facile dans tous les sens, plus l'equilibre est parfait. En vertue de ce principe, on dit que le cheval est 'en equilibre' quand de simples indications suffisent au cavalier pour modifier a son gre la disposition du poids sur ses colonnes de soutien”

Faverot de Kerbrech

[Translation: ...the easier it is to shift the weight in any direction, the more perfect the balance. By virtue of this principle, the horse is 'in balance' when a simple indication from the rider is sufficient to modify the distribution of weight across the columns of support (four quarters) accordingly]

Duke of Newcastle


"You must in all Airs follow the strength, spirit, and disposition of the horse, and do nothing against nature; for art is but to set nature in order, and nothing else."

William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle

"A confrontational approach ‘Astonishes the Weak Horse […] makes a Furious horse Madd; makes a Resty Horse more Resty […] and Displeases all sorts of Horses’. The alternative however is not ‘to Sit Weak […] but to Sit Easie’, in the understanding that ‘The Horse must know you are his Master’"

William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle