Your Horse, Your Horsemanship

questionboxJ25  Does your sensitive or "lazy" horse not respond so smoothly to pressure?

questionboxJ25  Are you really an "Alpha" leader, at heart?

questionboxJ25  Does your horse trust and respect you as much as you hoped he would?

Join us and gain new insight about what's really going on inside your partnership in terms of the ultimate measure: the Feel between you and your horse. 

What's in your Feel defines your partnership.

Why? Because Feel is the main thing your horse has to go on - it's how he's "wired". Your Feel is the direct line to your horse, when it's aligned with who You are and applied with clarity that fits Your Horse.

Inside Your PartnershipFind out how common practices could be unwittingly tripping you up and getting in the way of the partnership you had hoped to enjoy.

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Does your sensitive or 'lazy' horse respond well to pressure? Are you a good 'Alpha' leader?

Are you 100% comfortable about "escalating pressure" to get what you want from your horse?

Are you an "Alpha" leader, at heart?

I wasn't either. Because you know deep down Your Horse doesn't exactly like that 'discomfort' from you!

If you have a nagging feeling there is "more" in your horse you can't seem to quite reach... you're right!

The downside of "Alpha" strategies is that the Feel we offer (such as driving our horse away on the ground or escalating discomfort until he 'submits' to our lead) is really one of “separation” instead of a Feel of “unity”.

This  creates “static" on the line between you and your horse, interfering with clear, harmonic flow.

Higher Capacity for Partnership

Your Horse is waiting for More...You! Join us to find out how Feel really works:

Whether you are enjoying a trail ride, working in an arena, handling a dicey moment or resolving well-rooted trouble-spots, Feel is the bridge from strife to a forever journey of deeper access to your horse.  

When your creativity meets your horse's creativity in connection with the same plan, you discover you and your horse's higher capacity for true partnership in all that you do together.

When I started coaching clinic students "The 4 Keys to Harmonic Flow" and framework of principles within each key, it became their roadmap and GPS to a higher level of connection with their horses. Now it’s here on-line - for you and your horse! Join us to discover how Feel really works and how to apply it with clarity.

Yin Yang Model of Horsemanship

Which Stealth Saboteurs are undermining Your partnership? (here's what to do about it)

To find out what Feel is really about, there's a collection of common practices that are notorious for undermining your feel and therefore your connection, often without you knowing it: I call them the Stealth Saboteurs.

Follow my self-guided assessment “Inside Your Partnership: The Stealth Saboteurs” to identify your Stealth Saboteurs within each of The 4 Keys that determine Feel.

Find out which Key will help you the most personally to unlock more in your horse and deepen your partnership.

Immerse into Your Horse, Your Horsemanship. Yum.

What developing Feel and Release has done for us

[RIP Tycoon. Sadly this amazing little yet Big brown horse passed unexpectedly in February 2016. Tycoon remains in the hearts of many a stellar example of what can be, even when the going gets rough - Karen]

The Little Big Brown Horse and The Golden King

By Kate Sandel

Photos courtesy of Kate Sandel

tycoonandkateI came across some videos of Karen and Leslie Desmond at a point in my horsemanship where I had reached a dead end. I had my dream horse, a  4 year old, just backed PRE (Spanish) stallion.  But I couldn’t ride him. Or lead him. Or lunge him. And I was teaching other people horsemanship and  about training horses in-hand and under saddle, so it wasn’t good on many fronts.

Today that horse, Tycoon, and I went out in the Devon drizzle  wandering around the lanes, relaxed, content and un-afraid and that is more than I ever thought was going to be possible. I am hugely grateful, and  I know the thanks have to go to Karen; and she’s never even met us in person! tycoonridden

On the day Tycoon arrived with me he panicked about something when being led in, hit the end of the lead rope and took off.  He is a very powerful horse and I didn’t have a hope in hell of stopping him. He did that on and off most days for about 6 months. I spent many an evening trudging around darkened fields while he tore about with a lead rope trailing behind him. On the lunge if he got scared he ran off dragging me with him, and under saddle more of the same.  In the end, two years into our time together, despite huge amounts of progress on the ‘training ‘ front (we could now do all lateral work in walk and trot, walk to canter transitions, jump etc.) I decided to stop riding him as he was too dangerous. He was fine when he was fine, but when something worried him he was out of there at high speed. No amount of pressure could hold him. No amount of ‘familiarisation’ exercises really got to the heart of it. I couldn’t keep him on the aids when he was really worried, which made me realise my aids were meaningless really. They just lay on the surface of this horse, but when he wanted to leave that was it...

I turned him away and got on with my other horses,  knowing I was missing something important. Then one wet day I sat and watched all of Karen’s videos, and watched them again and again.  And I went  out,  put a  halter on Tycoon and in a very rudimentary fashion had a go at offering a release when he went to panic about something (pretty much most man-made objects in unfamiliar places/funny noises/traffic/rocks etc.) . And something significant happened in that he stopped trying to run. He was still worried, but something about the feeling of release enabled him to stay.  I was surprised to say the least...

Ever since then I have been having virtual lessons with Karen and the changes in that particular horse, and my horsemanship, have been immense. If I was rich enough I would fly to the states once a month to hassle her for more of this stuff!


desriddenSince then, my other horse and I have been accepted on the instructor programme with French Classical Master Philippe Karl.  I am certain that some of the reason we were chosen was because of the work I have done with Karen. He is a great horse, but inclined to be very sharp and somewhat tense – he can be obedient, but not soft.

Some of the ‘small things’ that Karen has had me explore with him have started to trickle their way into his way of being and have significantly changed how he feels about humans.  

It is an ongoing job and in some ways trickier than Tycoon (who was so desperate for something different he just jumped in with all four hooves!) but I am confident that with Karen’s virtual help we will chip our way back to the inside of this glorious horse.

When Philippe said about our ridden work,  ‘If your horse trusts your hands as much as this you can do anything’, I was pretty sure that I needed to send my thanks again to my mentor in the states – this feeling of release has helped us under saddle as much as on the ground.  

My only task now is to get her over to the UK! 



[ update -- heading to North Bovey in Devon! -- Karen]